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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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on your side. get ready for a painful budget deal. >> the president called an at the whiteting house today. asking democrats and to hammer out a compromise. rebecca cooper has the latest tension remains sides. both the president describing -- no deal. emphasize that g is agreed to until agreed the parties are still far apart range of issues. >> one big hurdle -- e are not going to support tax increases. >> the white house is signaling willingness to slash spending. with republicans reach $4 trillion in cuts years, double the discussed.iously
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there, a push for more cuts in entitlement spending. social security is on the table as well. >> democrats, suck it ought. but the entitlement on the table. mixture at the end of the day, these programs still serve the public. >> just get it done. >> tax hikes are a part of any responsible package. >> it is very discouraging and like there isem that can beon reached. d that thesident sai staff and senior leaders will the weekend reconvening on sunday. the president wants a deal to to the hill by july 22. there is a glimmer of good for the economy. the number of people signing up unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level in seven weeks.
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418,000 people signed up for unemployment neck -- last week. the unemployment rate is still stuck at 91%. >> there has been a major break investigation of fires in the district. police say maurice dews he said theat fires. him mondayrested after he was caught at a vacant home in northeast. he faces several charges, including arson. he called 911 to report fires at least nine times since 2007. first the verdict, and now just six days is from freedom. before a judge this morning. we have a report from the tosh aberrant. -- natasha bear it. >> she will now become a free
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n and walked out of jail next week. >> it is unbelievable. >> she seemed relaxed, she smiled. in less than a week, she will be start a new life. >> i think a lot of people will be watching her closely. >> just two days ago, she was spared the death penalty. about the trial r the very first time. there was just not enough to convict her. >> i am not convinced that she not, but i could not can of ite the possibility being an accident. i cannot find her guilty of a not sure the crime was committed. >> when she is released from jail, most people are concerned for her safety. >> she is going to have to think hiring a bodyguard. >> i think she will be fine.
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it is a tragedy. >> outside the courthouse, protesters held up signs. demanded justice. >> i do fear for her. to know that someone whom assumes had something a murder. >> casey anthony is also being fined $4,000, that is for each t of lying to police. after calculating time served, released july 13. a week from than today. kindle will consider an appeal from the potomac, md., man imprisoned in that country.
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he is a contractor for the state department. 2009. arrested in he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. callingcal lawmaker is new museum in washington dedicated to immigrants. jim moran introduce the legislation today. the bill says americans in a understanding of all u.s.rants built the he says he fears they appeal to segregated audiences. less than 18 hours and counting to the final flight into space. nasa and visitors are closely watching the skies in cape canaveral. engineers are checking the
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shuttle atlantis for signs of from a lightning strike nearby. >> the chances are good. 70% of weather causing a scrub. they have done this before when was a 90% chance. there is always an opportunity. the big issue is whether. -- weather. lightning storms around the .aunch pad did have a meeting and not causethat it did significant problems but with thestill go on countdown. with theirople fingers crossed. at some video of the out here. done 88 oft that has launches said he has never as much media as he saw today. many as a million spectators
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lining upo be tomorrow in hopes of seeing this launch. historical for so many reasons. of shuttle program's retired after this atlantis' launch. people keeping an eye it. future oflk about the travel, not tonight at 11:00. now, that is the scheduled launch. stolen treasures. hashe board of elections referred its case to federal prosecutors. >> the decision that could change that -- could have changed history. the secret from the president's past. some sunshine outside the
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now.right showers and storms to the north everybody is going to get in on the rain tomorrow.
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officials are returning from iraq bylen contractors. to atems were given back officials in a ceremony today at the iraq postal center.
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the artifacts range from the old the ambassador to the u.s. says was a relief to recover the items. was a sense of loss. but every item that the retreat, people feel better. we have not just forgotten about our lost heritage. fromhe items were stolen iraq in 2004. contractors involved were n terms on a priso variety of charges. it could have changed the history. indicates that the father considered putting the future president up for adoption. he was under scrutiny for his immigration status. told federal officials that he and his mother planned to
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up their unborn baby for adoption. of a dozen of documents released. obama gibbs says mr. document or the that his parents considered putting him up for adoption. turmoil..c. council in face as chairman criminal probe over campaign cash? sweltering and severe could move in soon. >> is a family affair. other william sister is in town.
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the latest scandal to rock e d.c. council. brown could be the latest to criminal investigation. >> sam ford is live in northwest with more. prosecutors have been case for somethis time. of the d.c. board of elections and ethics told us that more than a month
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ago, lawyers from the u.s. over here office came related away documents to the brown case. his image has taken several images lady. -- lately. >> he concealed evidence and he wrong. >> it is out of control. act is that we take action. hearing, lawyers for both brown and a campaign finance office asked of the case u.s. attorney. campaign finance has charged with peeling to report contributions, wondered $70,000 in spending and had $60,000nt that in debt. that brownetermined and refer theaw case for possible prosecution. >> chairman brown talked about getting this over with. >> get some closure to it and i to a fullrd
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investigation. confidence in the u.s. attorney's office. >> you may recall that brown trying to fire for navigator at the taxpayers' expense. this case involves his 2008 was reelectedhe as council member at large. was elected chairman in the year.on last today's announcement brings the number 23 publicly mentioned in with investigations attorney's office. nice day today.
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>> there were spots per it was uncomfortable. you'll pay the price for this tomorrow. the week and looks pretty good. we will get you started. take a look at the area that is flash flood watch and that is the whole and well beyond. in the red, those are flood warnings in effect right now. at reagan national airport. a year ago today, 102 degrees. take a look at the numbers in the 80's. it is pretty hot and humid in the area. we have our own share of humanity great folks in florida g some much needed rain. there are some elements starting come together.
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a funnel system is approaching the north and west. a little farther south, there wave to be a tropical developing off of the gulf of mexico. this is some of the motion that squeezed tomorrow. not until the midday and be fine, partly sunny. 70% chance and that is what we are sticking with. at the time of launch tomorrow at the cape. take a look at our express. thedy -- muggy in morning. l be in the 80's. sunday looks good. look at the '90s costs -- 90's back. cooler weather by the middle of next week. has all kinds of stuff.
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we're featuring one of our blogs. the beach report. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the national speed the cubs again. >> they did. the nationals credit. even one of the most experienced managers in the majors can learn new things. david johnson said he had never squeeze ina suicide the majors until last night. the national's beat the cubs for a third straight night. ok, though. got up the next time around. here are some things we are more accustomed to seeing.
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are 13 and 3. tonight, they go for a sweep. >> its has a lot about the bullpen. -- it says a lot about the bullpen. it is only going to get better. they're all doing a good job out there. after a long battle with dementia, john mackey has died. he spent nine out of this 10 career seasons with the baltimore colts. he revolutionized the role in the sport. powerful and known for downfield runs. he caught 331 passes. it is what he did later that influenced the game. illness, the nfl created the 88 plan. he was a big part of the players association advocating for
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retired athletes. was 69 years old. the washington post is the redskins will not release albert haynesworth. the coach turned down a late offered. might trade into a division the price is right. about money. is a sibling affair in washington. venus williams began her stand earlier this week. today, it is a real williams's turn. make her debut tonight. she took time out to be part of clinic for some area kids. already have a tonight, let me save time.e already sold out. here is a sign of the times. new jersey nets point guard is
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deal with theg a turkish basketball league. williams is an all-star and he money andplenty of more if the nets signed him. meantime, he may start a european trend. ready for the game tonight, national fans smile about the future. he is now hitting 500 in three games. amazing. >> all good news. what makes the sleep number store different?
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is the rain coming our way? >> in some areas right now. this is northeast right on the baltimore line. other showers and storms are moving west of frederick and a of frederick. will staye activity of the metro area. the big weather story is going be the flash flood watch. heavy rain, heavy thunderstorms are a possibility. bob ryan will have the latest updates at 11:00. >> join us at 11:00. have a good night. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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